What does FRUBON mean?

The name Frubon is the amalgamation of two words namely Fru (derived from Fruit) and Bon (means Good in French). The name simply conveys the message that each product in the Frubon portfolio would essentially carry 'freshness' and 'goodness' as two intrinsic values.

Does FRUBON manufacture Ice Cream or Frozen Dessert?

FRUBON Ice Cream is made from fresh cream or milk fat unlike frozen dessert which is made from vegetable oil. FRUBON does not manufacture Frozen Dessert.

What all products does FRUBON manufacture?

FRUBON brand of products cover Ice Cream, bakery products like Cookies, Rusk etc and dairy products like Curd, Butter Milk, Flavoured milk etc.

Do FRUBON products contain egg or animal fat?

FRUBON products are 100% vegetarian products and do not contain eggs or any animal fat.

Is Ice Cream good for health?

Ice Cream is a very good source of calcium, certain vitamins and carbohydrates. It is specifically useful for kids and young adults if eaten in moderation.

Where can I get FRUBON products?

FRUBON products are available at all leading retail outlets in select cities of Rajasthan. For latest information and deals, please follow us on facebook.

Do you give factory tours?

Yes, we give pre arranged tours to school students, colleges and youth groups. Factory tours are a great way to learn about Ice Cream & bakery manufacturing and also in general about food industry.

What all tests are conducted by FRUBON for ensuring quality of its products?

FRUBON carries out a variety of tests on its raw material, semi finished goods and finished good. Raw material means both packaging material and ingredients for manufacturing goods. Microbiological testing is also carried on its products to ensure highest order of product safety.