We live in an age where flavours have crossed their traditional defined boundaries. Flavours, now play the role of a social connector or a reason to bond at every occasion or celebration. The name Frubon is the amalgamation of two words namely Fru (derived from Fruit) and Bon (means Good in French). The name simply conveys the message that each product in the Frubon portfolio would essentially carry 'freshness' and 'goodness' as two intrinsic values. At the core of it, Frubon is the celebration of moments and certainly a compliment to the bond of flavours. In a nutshell, it is the expansion of the passion to deliver value without any compromise, everytime and everywhere.

Dev Milk Foods (DMF) is Rajasthan´s leading milk and dairy brand with footprints across length and breadth of the state. Since its inception in 2004, DMF has successfully diversified its operations outside the domain of milk & dairy products and ventured into the areas of manufacturing, marketing and transportation. The company had pioneered the private dairy business in Rajasthan and is now setting new benchmarks for the industry.

In its quest to explore new horizons of business and quality excellence, DMF has come up with its world-class Ice Cream & Bakery brand ´FruBon´. Each product under the FruBon brand umbrella is a blend of finest and best quality food material. FruBon is DMF's most ambitious project till date that aims at delivering one-of-its-kind flavour experiences for all age groups. Spread across 60,000 square feet, FruBon's manufacturing unit is one of the most advanced Dairy, Ice Cream & Bakery setups in Northern India.

Outside its regular area of operations, DMF´s interests also include Education & Early childhood care and education (ECCE).

"To be the most Innovative & Admired food company of the world."

  • To create value for all stake holders of the company including farmers, customers, employees, society & environment.
  • To ensure the best food quality and flavour experience delivery to customers through innovation and superior manufacturing processes.
  • To attain sustainable & inclusive growth across regional, national and at the global level.